Calmsleep was founded on the principle of giving back. Our mission of providing quality sleep products is fuelled by our mission to change the world for the better.

For every purchase made, CalmSleep is committed to providing bedkits to children in developing countries around the world.

Shop with the comfort of knowing that your order has helped children around the world focus on playing and learning rather than worrying about a comfortable night's sleep.

Through our support of Sleeping Children Around the World, and with you're help, we're able to help provide bedkits that consists of a mat or mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, mosquito net, clothes outfit, towel and school supplies to children aged 6 to 12 around the world.

The best part of it all is that, these bedkits are assembled in the country of distribution in order to stimulate their local economy.

"As a sleep researcher, and public health advocate who believes passionately in the value of a good night's sleep for children's health, well-being and success, I celebrate the incredible work of Sleeping Children Around the World. I have been fortunate enough to see the real and tangible impact this organization makes on children and families' lives as a Traveling Volunteer in Tanzania and Kolkata India, and cannot say enough good things about their dedication and drive."
-Dr Judith A. Owens, Director, Center for Paediatric Sleep Disorders; Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

We can't thank you enough for your continued support in changing people's lives forever!